New Kids on the Block Merging with Back Street Boys

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Wow this is madness! What the heck is going on in the music industry?

That was my initial reaction when I read that New Kids on the Block were joining forces with Back Street Boys. When I was younger, I’ve heard many songs by NKOTB and BSB, but I would never imagine for a second that they would somehow work together.

For those of you don’t know, NKOTB was a highly popular American boy band back in the late 80s’ and early 90s’. Personally, I still like Michael Jackson’s songs more than these guys.

They were known for song such as “Please don’t go girl” which gradually climbed to #10 on the Billboards Hot 100 Singles Chart.

From what I’d recalled, NKOTB was accused of lip syncing by an associate producer. These allegations caused the band to lose popularity very quickly. However, they acted swiftly by signing live on the Arsenio Hall Show, and admitted to some backing vocals whenever they performed live.

The media frenzy and public backlash, among many other things, caused the band to break up in 1994.

Despite their negative publicity, I’m impressed by NKOTB determination to make new albums and tour with pop sensation Lady Gaga, and the Back Street Boys.

According to straight.com, NKOTB and BSB will be releasing a new album on May 23 which would contain some of their most popular singles like “Step by Step” by NKOTB and “As Long as You Love Me” by BSB.

Admittedly, I liked some of the old songs from NKOTB, and BSB, but I don’t see myself running to Target to pick their new album any time soon. How about you?

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