Assortative Mating Blame For Autism

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Ever since autism started to looked into in the late 20th century, science started coming up with some of the strangest explanations to try and determine “what went wrong.” I believe the real questions they should be asking is what exactly is autism and is it really something bad? Psychologists and doctors have labeled it as a disease simply because they didn’t understand what it is. A curious analogy comes to mind when I think about this fact: that of a scientific genius being seen as a sorcerer and discredited in medieval times.

I definitely don’t believe the idea that assortative mating (or any type of mating for that matter) can be responsible for the appearance of autism, simply because there is a much larger picture than that. Those who work with these “special” children know that they are often brilliant. Some of them can access higher mental skills that are wholly unavailable to those who follow a normal, logical development of their thinking pattern.

In autism, the only real difference is that the children develop their brains in a much more different way and are unable to adapt to the limited ways of logic and linear thinking. To put it simply, I believe that we are facing a wonderful new step in human evolution and instead of trying to find out what is seemingly wrong we are much better off trying to understand it.

Reference: http://healthland.time.com/2011/08/19/could-the-way-we-mate-and-marry-boost-rates-of-autism/

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