A Short-Lived Opportunity for .NET Programmers

Written by on October 19, 2011 in Technology - Comments Off

The IT industry has been extremely demanding and dynamic in the past few years. These days, it never really surprises me to see how many programmers are needed in a certain branch. Specializations are needed in more and more original languages, especially now that Smartphones and various other gadgets have appeared using new types of operating systems and requiring slightly different programming skills than PCs.
The number of those who specialize in languages such as .NET has visibly dropped lately, since everyone tends to create programs and frameworks based on languages like C++ or C# that are much more “moldable” and compatible with a large variety of platforms. This largely explains the interests of some companies to gravitate more towards .NET programming, because, despite its limitations, the language itself is much more accessible than many others, thus making for faster completion of application and better profit for the company.
The problem here is that software companies will soon find out the cost of relying too much on a programming language that holds little future perspective when compared to more advanced languages. This is why I believe that although the new IT jobs requiring .NET knowledge are welcome, they will never last in the long run as languages such as C++ or Java, which are much better put together and can slowly expand into dominating the IT world completely.

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