Increase Drilling In Bakken Oil Formation

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Increase Drilling In Bakken Oil Formation

There are many claims flying around the internet these days about the fact that oil production may be in its senior years, as scientists state that the entire Earth’s oil reserve might soon be depleted. Whether or not this is true, the US seem to still be on top of things with the new discovery of the Bakken fields in Montana and North Dakota. The question I’d like to ask is: for how long?

According to the USGS, America is sitting on top of an estimated 400 billion recoverable barrels of crude oil. This massive field of oil includes western North Dakota, northeast Montana, and into Canada’s Saskatchewan Province known as the Bakken.^

It has been clear now for many years that there are several methods that can be used to produce more efficient and cleaner ways of generating kinetic movement rather than clinging to old fashioned fossil fuel. Interests run high, however, as the major oil companies of the world struggle to stay in business at all costs, despite the fact that oil is messy, expensive and low in reserves.

There are several people who claim to have come up with excellent simple new engine designs that run on electricity, hydrogen and even electromagnetism. While some of these have made it as prototypes, many of the designs have “mysteriously” disappeared after some time.

Despite all the conspiracy claims that have arisen in many places because of this, what matters the most in my opinion is that, especially in this fast-paced new age, we should simply stop clinging to the “old ways” and allow new ideas to become known so that someday the problem of digging for fuel may be a thing of the past.

^Reference: http://money.cnn.com/2011/03/04/news/economy/oil_shale_bakken/index.htm


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