Trusted Computing – Is it Fruitless Control?

Written by on October 29, 2011 in Technology - Comments Off

The idea of politicians controlling people’s lives is definitely not a new concept. All we have to do is look at history to see how those who have gained some form of power have regularly continued to abuse it despite all the harm that this has caused.
Nowadays of course we live in a modern world and even though dictators and wars are still present in some parts of the Earth, the general tendency of politicians has been directed more and more towards information control.
With the rapid increase of information technology there have been many outbursts and revolutions of every kind that were greatly aided by the new freedom that people have found on the Internet. While some movements have been subtle, others are continuing to literally scare the world of politics as governments are slowly losing their grasp over the people.
The British government’s interest in trusted computing clearly shows how political interests strive to repress the initiative of people and to control the flow of information. This is the modern way of abusing one’s power.
Fortunately it is almost certain that this will not work, since there are far too many people and companies that rely on open source operating systems and programs to run their networks and businesses. The IT world will continue to move slowly but surely towards increasing progress and freedom despite any type of obstacle.

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