Legends of the Monsoon

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Legends of the Monsoon

First Draft by Tom O. Chhuong

September 10, 2001. Dark clouds looms in the sky. Thunder roars above the Sri Padmanabhaswami Temple.

A monsoon abruptly storms into Kerala mid-afternoon. Citizens of Kerala run into their homes.

On a rural road outside of Kerala, a man and his family are speeding down a single lane rural road in a 2001 Blue Range Rover. The heavy rain slams into the car’s windshield like a hail storm.

Inside the vehicle, the husband and wife are arguing about where to send their oldest’s son to college.

The Range Rover is traveling about 70 MPH on the wet rural road. The windshield wipers are furiously and reluctantly wiping away the heavy rain.

An old man and a young boy with their water buffalo are walking on the shoulder of a road. The old man noticed a speeding vehicle in the distance and quickly pulls his son further away from the road.

Inside the Range Rover, the arguing family unknowingly speeds by a man, and a boy with their water buffalo.

The angry husband slams his fist against the steering wheels as they passed the old man and the boy. He yells, “He’s going to Cambridge and that’s final!”.

The wife doesn’t reply. She sits quietly with tears in her eyes.

They stopped arguing. Silence fills the vehicle for a few seconds.

The husband feels bad about yelling at this wife and turns to her to apologize.

The husband utters, “Honey…I’m…”.

His wife stars into the heavy rain and blinks to clear her eyes.

In front of them, a poor man and woman exits the forest after hearing the roar of a tiger. The woman is running with a crying infant bundled in some old blankets.

The strong rain and wind knocks a palm tree onto the road. The wife screams, “Honey, watch out!”

The husband turns left to avoid the palm tree and slams on the break. The vehicle skids out of control, hits the palm tree, and becomes air bound.

The vehicle hits the road and spins uncontrollably into the couple crossing the road.

The spinning vehicle knocks the poor family back into the forest and kills both parents instantly. The infant is thrown several feet away from his dead parents and cries relentless.

The vehicle has been flipped on the passenger’s side. The windshield has been broken.

The tops two wheels are slowly spinning.

The heavy rain continues to pour on the damaged vehicle and the muffled sound of the crying baby echos through the forest.

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