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Which came first, Internet relevance or SEO? This chicken-or-the-egg question is better used as an answer, a rhetorical answer when someone asks if they really need SEO for their blog or website. If generating traffic is a goal of yours, search engine optimization is utterly critical. We all know about keywords: use them often! Here are some other ways to begin incorporating solid SEO practices into your online venture:

Links, links, and more links. Not just in your blogroll but peppered throughout your posts. No, you’re not steering people away from your site, you’re contextualizing your information. Trust me, your viewers are aware that there are other sites they can go to on the Internet. Linking to them isn’t going to make your readers scared of you, it will make them trust you more.

Add new pages and new content on a regular basis. More pages boost your SEO value and new content keeps you fresh in search engines. You don’t have to get too mathematical about it, but the average frequency with which you refresh your content has a lot to do with SEO.

Social media is your friend, follow it. You should have a FB fan page for your blog or business and use it to network with your faithful followers. You should also be using Twitter in order to drive traffic to your site. This includes tasteful links and hashtags to optimize your tweets.

More links. Inbound links and article directory links are two more ways linking can boost your SEO. Inbound links are links which direct readers to other articles or blogs on your site—it’s basically free advertising. Article directory links require a little more work but can pay off big time. This requires you contacting other sites and directories and having them link to your site in their blogroll or elsewhere. You can and should also submit your URL to website directories like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and others.

Comment on other sites. Get yourself in the conversation by going to the most popular sites in your industry or field of focus and commenting on the articles. This is a great guerilla method of creating quality backlinks for yourself. Not only will you learn a lot, by leaving your signature readers of one site can migrate to yours.

Guest blog on relevant good sites. Volunteer to write posts on other sites, linking back to your blog at the end. Another great way to get yourself out there.

These are some of the more simple strategies for search engine optimization. But leveraging these tools correctly is anything but simple. It takes patience, devotion, and tastefulness—good qualities to have in the turbulent, unstable world of the Internet.

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