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Here’s my billmyclients.com review for small businesses or freelancers that have not heard about this online company. I t hink they’re a cool company, however, for the past two months their website, customer service, and telephone line have deteriorated drastically.

For the record, I’ve been using billmyclients.com for almost two years without any issues.

Here’s the company’s mailing address:

Bill My Clients Inc.
PO Box 9381
Shawnee Mission, KS 66201

Currently, I have canceled my account with billmyclients.com and I do not expect to use them again.

Note: Keep in mind that these issues started about two months ago.
Here are some of my reasons for canceling this service.

  • inaccessible website 24/7
  • can not login with my login information
  • login attempt produces database crashed
  • 800.269.1357 (voice) – IVR (interactive voice response) loops the caller infinitely
  • email inquiries are not answered
    • questions@billmyclients.com, help@billmyclients.com, ideas@billmyclients.com

If their service is restored, would I sign-up again? NEVER!

The collapsed of their infrastructure was unannounced and blatantly callous.

Lastly, I need to figure out a way to access to my list of clients and other historical data. Despite billmyclients.com short-coming, it taught me one lesson: always be prepared for a dotcom failure.

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