Online Dating Fraud and Scams

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Millions of people are online each day looking for friends, love, and networking. Nowadays, the influx of website visitors are connecting to popular social communities such as Facebook, and MySpace. Despite this addictive social phenomenon, there’s a real danger for the hopeless romantic or the single person desperately searching for love online.

The introverts are evolving and assuming the role of the extroverts. This paradigm shift has actually caused some extroverts to inadvertently become friendlier. Thanks to these highly popular websites, more people are becoming social and making new friends like never before. Gone are the days of a handful of friends in the offline world because we’re now following and interacting with hundreds if not thousands of friends that we have NOT met or may never meet in our lifetime.

Millions of people are fueling this new form of bonding by linking, reading and replying to postings, and pictures. Replying to video posting is still strictly reserved to YouTube, and other video sharing websites.

In short, the influx of new Internet traffic to these online dating websites is creating a social momentum that will only break more hearts than create more loving relationships.

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